Discover the Volvo XC40 Side Mirrors

For the new XC40, Volvo has put elegant design and convenience at the forefront. This popular subcompact SUV has beautiful side mirrors that are stylish and capable of meeting your unique parking needs. We here at Volvo Cars Sioux Falls are eager to show you around the XC40 lineup.

The side mirrors are available in a few different designs. You can get them with a cover that matches your chosen exterior color. Instead of utilizes a contrasting black plastic material, the matching color will provide a sophisticated look. Alternatively, you can get white mirror caps. The clean white color complements all of the available exterior finishes.

The XC40 is also available with retractable side mirrors. The mirrors will fold in each time you lock the SUV. If you need to park against a wall or in a tight space, you can also retract the mirrors with a button inside the cabin.



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