Get Ready for School with Car Maintenance

As the summer ends, it's time to think about car maintenance before going back to college. It's important to focus on basic maintenance such as an oil change and tire rotation to get started. Check your owner's manual and make sure no scheduled maintenance is due.

If you have had a warning light on your dashboard, get your vehicle serviced. Your car should be safe to drive, and your tires replaced if necessary. Make sure you have safety equipment in your vehicle and that you know how to use it. Your spare tire should be inflated and the jack with the tire.

Get your car cleaned out and stay organized. Invest in washer fluid, jumper cables and a flashlight with extra batteries in case of an emergency. For any maintenance issues, visit us at Volvo Cars Sioux Falls and talk to a member of our service team. We will take care of all your maintenance needs for you.



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