Blowouts: A Dangerous Situation That Can Typically Be Avoided

Tire blowouts are nothing to joke about. Especially if the tire that gives way is one of your front two tires, you could quickly lose control of your vehicle, with devastating results. We at Volvo Cars Sioux Falls care about your safety above all else, so we offer these tips to help keep your tires on the road, where they belong.

One easy way to protect your tires is to avoid obstacles that could cause an immediate blowout. For example, large potholes or protrusions can cause your tire to blow, whether or not it's worn out. Therefore, if you see these and other obstacles in time to avoid them, do your best to safely steer around them. Secondly, it's important to inflate your tires if you notice they're low on air. Under-inflated tires are a major cause of blowouts. It's a good idea to carry a portable compressor in your vehicle in Sioux Falls to ensure you're always able to inflate your tires should they lose air.

If you notice something unusual about your tires that could indicate an imminent blowout, then bring your vehicle to our service department before this possibility becomes a reality.


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