The Volvo S60 is Designed to Handle the Rain

While it is expected for a vehicle to be able to handle the rain, not every vehicle is able to handle it as well as another vehicle. For rain handling, we at Volvo Cars Sioux Falls are impressed with the Volvo S60 to the point that we recommend it for driving and other activities.

One of the features of the vehicle that is related to the rain is the rain sensor. This system, once it is activated will automatically turn on the windshield wipers once it starts raining. You just have to set it so that it comes on at the right time.

Another feature of the S60 that is related to the rain is the heated windshield wiper nozzles which helps keep the windshield fluid warm. If the windshield wiper fluid freezes, then it can be a little harder to clean the window. Warm windshield fluid can make it easier to clean the windshield.



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