There is no doubt that the Volvo XC40 crossover SUV provides drivers and passengers with many technological goodies. In addition, this popular and sporty vehicle also provides occupants with a wide variety of safety promoting tools. Some of these critical technological safety tools include specialized brake pedals and smart braking capability.

If the worst happens and a collision does occur, it is critical to keep drivers and passengers out of harm's way. One way that the 2019 Volvo XC40 crossover SUV accomplishes this is with the brake pedal safety system. During high energy crashes, the XC40 brake pedal is designed to move all the way to the floor of the cabin, thus helping drivers to avoid any additional injuries.

Another safety promoting feature is the Volvo XC40 After Collision braking service. It can be hard for drivers to maintain control of their vehicles after hard crashes, but the XC40 backs drivers up with an automatic braking system that can slow their vehicles down after collisions. This and many other tools do indeed keep passengers and drivers safer.



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