Volvo XC90: High End and More

An SUV known for its luxury might be popular just because of its high-end status, but Volvo XC90 goes beyond. Check out these audio and technology features.

No need to look off to the side for vital driver information. Get it with the Graphical Head-Up Display, which shows what you need to know right in front of the windshield. Don't worry about taking your eyes off the road. You'll keep eyes on traffic while you get the necessary information from your navigation system. Plus, this feature automatically adapts its brightness to match whatever the lighting conditions are inside and outside of the vehicle. You also have the option to adjust the system to your personal preferences.

Here's another cool feature from Volvo. There a compass inside the XC90's inner rear view mirror. Find out about other great features of this SUV by visiting Volvo Cars Sioux Falls.



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