All About Car Wax

A wash and wax is some of the most basic car care there is. It's a classic combo that can keep your car looking it's best. But just what is car wax? Is there any reason it's applied, apart from aesthetics?

It turns out that yes, wax does have an important function. In addition to making your car look fresh, shiny and new, a layer of wax keeps water and dirt from sticking to your car. Waxing after a wash actually means you won't have to wash as frequently.

Car wax comes in several different varieties. There are natural bases for wax, like carnauba. Some waxes are made from petroleum. And there are totally synthetic car waxes too, mostly made from silicones.

If you need help finding the right wax for your car, come see us at Volvo Cars Sioux Falls in Sioux Falls, SD. We'd love to show you some great options for your car.

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