Volvo Cars Sioux Falls is Proud to Hold a New Line of Impressive Volvo V90 Models

Take a moment to see the vehicles passing by you as you drive through Sioux Falls, and then, take a moment to appreciate the Volvo V90. You can see the details and the beauty that make this luxury wagon so popular. Still, there is more than meets the eye for this vehicle, and we are going to touch on that.

Start/Stop Engine

Driving through the streets means that you are going to be hitting a lot of stop signs and red lights. These are there for your protection and to reduce traffic, but they also make your vehicle idle for some time, making you waste gas. The start/stop technology on this vehicle shuts off the engine whenever you are idling and turns it back on seamlessly to save gas.

All-Wheel Drive

The all-wheel drive or AWD feature makes the wagon the perfect vehicle to handle off-road situations and undesirable road conditions. Those who value full control and precision driving are going to be impressed by Volvo's AWD feature.

Keep in mind that we are just brushing the surface. There is a lot more to discover about the V90, and we encourage you to take a test drive to discover more.



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